This is where it begins. A blog. It feels so strange but so exciting. I guess what I'd like from this hyper-reality is for it to be that space where you daydream, and it melts but you're content to just stay there.
I love those moments in time, that can never be repeated. They just add beautiful layers to life, overlapping memories to create one big burst of life. Its fresh and its magical.

My name is Meghann Windsor but I like to go by Meggie Loveday as this was my Nan's last name and it sounds so fabulous and romantic.
Her Stories are complementary to her name. they conjure up images of world war the second and strawberry blonde hair in a red cardigan picking apples from next doors orchard with thick rimmed glasses and a smile.
Unfortunately she's lost her marbles and has done for a while, as amusing as that is, she still amazes me from time to time with her strange comments and quirky outfits.

This is my outfit today.

I was really really excited about wearing my new leopard shoes, which I bought yesterday as I seem to have so many clothes and one pair of shoes so i just went out and did it without hesitation.

I know that leopard is IN “fashion” right now but I thought even though I’ve loved it for so long and its actually a very 50’s and 60’s thing I may as well buy it before it goes out and they are nowhere to be seen, so it’s really a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too situation!

Its fantastic because I have a matching 60’s hat*(which is in the photos), and a 60’s coat to match the hat, but today was too sunny and warm for any coat of sorts.